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Legislative brief

2015 401(k) Benefit Plan Limits

Qualified Retirement Plans must take various dollar limits into consideration. Some of these are indexed and can therefore change on occasion. The IRS has announced benefit plan limits for 2015. Below are the figures for 2015 along with the previous 2014 limits for comparison. LIMITS 2015 2014 401(k) Plan Elective Deferral Limit (Calendar Year) $18,000 $17,500 401(k) Plan … [Read More...]

Have you ever wondered how much…?

Idioms provide a colorful way to get an idea across using figurative language. But have you ever wondered what some phrases would mean if people took them literally?  Here’s a list that helps put a real price on a few of the most popular metaphors in the English language.   Spilled milk: If a gallon of milk costs around $3.60, an 8-ounce glass is worth only about $0.23—nothing worth … [Read More...]

3rd quarter 2014

2014 – Third Quarter Market At A Glance

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Save money!

Did you know the average cost of a three-day  hospital stay is $30,000? Or that a broken leg  can cost up to $7,500? Health coverage can  help protect you from unexpected high costs.  Not having health insurance could also cost  you extra in taxes—penalties in 2014 for  uninsured people are either 1 percent of  yearly household income or $95 per individual, whichever is greater. These  penalties … [Read More...]


Social Security Administration resumes mailing statements

Social Security Agency Resumes Mailing Social Security Statements Encourages People to Create a Secure my Social Security Account to Obtain Their Statement Online, Anytime Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, announced September 16, 2014 the agency will resume the periodic mailing of Social Security Statements—once every five years for most workers-- while encouraging … [Read More...]